Bioliner™ Treatment in San Angelo, TX

If you are facing jaw, or bite irregularities, an orthodontic treatment may be the best solution to your smile. At Reel Family Dentistry, our San Angelo, TX general dentists offers Bioliner™ orthodontic treatments as a means of improving the health of your bite and help you gain a straight, long-lasting smile.

Why Consider Braces?

A straighter smile is a healthier smile. Properly aligned teeth are easier to clean, making them less susceptible to cavities, decay, and infection. Braces can also improve speech patterns and make eating certain foods easier, as well as preventing bite-related conditions such as TMD. Patients also consider braces for cosmetic reasons. A straight smile can also enhance your appearance, providing better first impressions and improving overall self-confidence.

Bioliner™ Orthodontic Treatment

In an effort to provide our patients with the discreet and effective care, our San Angelo general dentists offer Bioliner™ clear aligner treatments. These removable trays are made by taking high quality impressions of your mouth, allowing our family dentists to create comfortable and nearly invisible trays that gradually straighten your teeth. The initial impression and treatment planning process give our general dentists an insight into the amount of trays your treatment will require.

Over the course of treatment, each new set of trays slowly shifts your teeth into place, giving you a straight and functional smile without compromising the natural aesthetic of your smile. With their custom design, Bioliner™ trays enable our general dentists to enhance patient comfort throughout their treatment. 

Bioliner™ trays are also removable, allowing patients to continue eating their favorite foods without worrying about breaking off brackets. Additionally, you can continue your regular oral hygiene routine, without cleaning around brackets and wires.

Call Today!

For more information about our Bioliner™ treatments at Reel Family Dentistry, or to schedule an appointment, contact our general dentists today. We are proud to provide straighter smiles to patients in and around the San Angelo area.

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